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  • Matilda Diaries 24: A Look Back 18 januari 2019
    One final look back on Bovington Tank Museums Matilda Mk. II restoration. Three years of work to get the old girl up and running, and the lads at Bovington did an amazing job:
  • Wot – The Features of Update 1.4 17 januari 2019
      We have already posted the preview video. So now let’s take a look at the rest from Wargaming. Wheeled Vehicles Roll Out! In pondering the future of World of Tanks, we decided to take a closer look at the so-called military armored cars, lightweight wheeled tanks historically employed for reconnaissance, armed escort, and other battlefield […]
  • Tanktoon by Ranzar 16 januari 2019
    Undermining This weeks happy little episode. Enjoy.
  • Naval Legends: History of the US Carrier-borne Aviation. Part 2 15 januari 2019
    The second part will tell you about U.S. Naval Aviation during the WWII.
  • Lost City (Ghost Town) in HD 1.4 WOT 15 januari 2019
    This map first entered supertest in July 2018 and we last reported on it here ” Final test Lost City map “. The video shows it as in the current 1.4 test client. The map has grown to 1,000m x 1,000m and lost much of Russian signage identity and become more generic. Last we have a […]
  • WoT Styles 1/14 14 januari 2019
    Quick post trying to catch up on the newly shown styles for WoT 1.4. These are for all nations and tiers unless otherwise stated: Alpha (Unhistorical): Farmoz Tricolor (For Chinese M41):   RNG (Unhistorical):   Australian Expeditionary (Unhistorical, for Australia Day):   Dynamic Protection (Unhistorical):   Chinese New Year (Unhistorical, Five colores for the five […]
  • World of Tanks 1.4 Test Overview 14 januari 2019
    Good day everyone, Quick overview video of the newest iteration of the common/public/whatever you want to call it test server. Included are the new French wheeled vehicles:
  • WoT – In Supertest: TS-5, Second Look 12 januari 2019
    Today we have stats and comparison screen shots as well as some more pictures. Original images from WoT Express. English overlays RSR staff.
  • Tank Chat #64 Leopard 1 11 januari 2019
    By the Tank Museum Bovington. The Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank was built on Germany’s lessons from the Second World War. It entered service in 1965 and has since been exported worldwide.
  • WoT : In Supertest: TS-5 10 januari 2019
    Forum Leak/Announcement. Today, a Premium Tier VIII US tank destroyer makes its debut in closed testing. This is a well-protected machine designed for close quarters combat. And we mean it, it’s very, very well-protected—the frontal armor of the hull hits 260 millimeters! The weapon is fast-firing and hard-hitting—the DPM is more than 2800 hit points, […]

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