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  • Swiss Wheeled vehicles branch proposal 2.0 19 maart 2019
    Author: Mizutayio Since the French wheeled vehicles have been in the game for about a month now, I’ve decided to take a look at the swiss wheeled light tank branch and while I already made a post on them a while ago, I have made many changes to said line and the whole tree for […]
  • World of Tanks: Update 1.4.1 Is Here 19 maart 2019
    The Patch is going live overnight on EU. We’ll start with the usual promo video. Downtime World of Tanks servers will be down on 20 March from 02:00 to 10:00 CEST (UTC +2) to get everything in order. Premium Account Players with Premium will be credited an additional 24 hours of Premium Account time to […]
  • Rewards for Merit: Blueprint Fragments 18 maart 2019
    A new WoT infomercial for free stuff you get just for playing. I wonder why it’s being implemented now?
  • World of Warplanes: Classic German Design 18 maart 2019
  • WoT Supertest. Swedish T8 HT Emil I 16 maart 2019
    Further changes to the Emil I as some buffs were undone or made into nerfs. Stage 1 is here. Starting values and changes. Tier VIII Swedish Heavy Tank. Health: 1400 Hit Points. Engine Power: 430 – 380 Horse Power. Weight: 28.80 tonnes. Power to weight ratio: 14,93 – 13.19 hp/tonne. Max Speed: +50/-16 km/h. Hull Traverse: […]
  • WoT Supertest: Swedish T10 MT, UDES15/16 16 maart 2019
    The English overlay and original Russian ( WoT Express ) stats screenshot and tech tree from latest iteration of the supertest. First iteration is here.
  • Tank Chats #69 Ram Mark II 15 maart 2019
    David Fletcher M.B.E. talks about the WW2 Ram Mark II tank, built by Canada during the Second World War.Enjoy.
  • [ST] Kharkov Map Final Supertest Stage 14 maart 2019
    The fifth and final stage of testing. First the freecam video. The final Supertest stage for the Kharkov map is about to start. We’ve already made our choice regarding the exact prototype that will most likely see release. This is an enlarged (1000 x 1000 meters) version with its open area significantly reworked. Also, the […]
  • World of Warplanes Patch 2.0.10 14 maart 2019
    I apologize for being a bit late for this as the patch was released a week ago. But here we go. Patch 2.0.10 will include the high tier German Schnellbomber. Tier 7 is the Junkers Ju 288A, tier 8 is the Ju 288C, tier 9 is the Ju 287 and tier 10 is the Junkers […]
  • The New Crew Skins 13 maart 2019
    With the release of Update 1.4.1, we will introduce a brand new feature: crew skins! You already know how to customize your tanks with camos, styles, emblems, inscriptions, and decals, but if you want to add even more character to your vehicles, try the following crew skins! A handful of them are real historical figures involved in tank […]

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  • WoWS News – 19 March 2019 19 maart 2019
    Graf Zeppelin and Soviet battleships changes The total damage output of Graf Zeppelin is still very high. To keep the special features of GZ’s attack planes and dive bombers and balance the total amount of damage this CV can inflict, the damage of torpedoes is lowered from 5500 to 4533. This change will be live […]
  • The History of the Pz.Kpfw. IV in World of Tanks 19 maart 2019
    Commanders, If you were already fighting on our battlefields a couple of years ago, you probably know that the Pz.Kpfw. IV is a popular choice in the community. During the evolution of the game, this vehicle has been through significant changes. So, today, get ready for a blast from the past as we delve deep into the history of this […]
  • Nashorn Restoration Setback 19 maart 2019
    Source: Nashorn Restoration FB Page MAJOR DISASTER Late this morning (10 march) a major disaster happend to our beloved project. 4 years of blood, sweat and tears……destroyed in 10 minutes. We don’t have further details at this moment. We first have to process what happend before we can think of the future. But we will […]
  • TAP now compatible with Brave 18 maart 2019
    As requested by a reader, TAP is now verified as a creator on the Brave browser. By using it, we receive some BAT cryptocurrency each time you visit the site.
  • Blueprints: Everything You Need to Know 18 maart 2019
    Researching new tanks is always very exciting and we’re introducing a new feature—Blueprints—to make it that much better! By collecting them, you’ll be able to get discounts when researching new vehicles.NOTE:The Blueprints concept is not yet finalized. This feature consists of many aspects and is under active development, so there will be adjustments in the […]
  • Supertest: 🇸🇪 UDES 15/16 and EMIL I Changes 18 maart 2019
    Stats are not yet final. UDES 15/16. Proposed parameters: Tier: MT-10, Sweden, standard HP: 1 950 Engine: 480 hp   570 hp Mass: 30,00 t Maximum load: 35,00 t Power-to-weight: 16,00 hp / t   19,00 hp / t Max speed/Min speed: 45 / -20 km / h   50 / – 24 km / h Hull […]
  • Supertest: 🇫🇷 M4A1 FL 10 – Full Stats 16 maart 2019
    M4A1 FL 10. Statistics: Tier: MT-6, France, premium HP: 720 Engine: 530 hp Mass: 30,20 t Maximum load: 40,20 t Power-to-weight: 17,55 hp / t Max speed/Min speed: 48 / -20 km / h Hull turning speed: 44,85 °/s Turret turning speed: 36 °/s Terrain resistance values: ?? View range: 370 m Radio range: 782 […]
  • The_Chieftain and Sofilein – American Heritage Museum : Part 3 15 maart 2019
  • WoT: 1.4.1 Patch Release Date 15 maart 2019
    As various sources estimate, the release of the update on the RU server is scheduled for March 19 (the night from 18 to 19). Two new mod folders will be created: /res_mods/ and /mods/ The EU & NA servers will probably receive the patch the next day, March 20. Note: the patch brings random rewards, […]
  • Supertest: Minsk Map Video 15 maart 2019