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  • TANKFEST 2019 18 november 2018
    Well Bovington are starting the promotion early:-  See the best display of historic moving armour in the world, 29 June – 1 July, at The Tank Museum, Bovington. Hospitality and standard tickets are on sale NOW!…
  • Swedish tanks: Strv m/38 – m/40k 18 november 2018
    Author: SP15 The strv m/38, m/39, m/40L & m/40k were Swedish light tanks that served with the Swedish army troughout and beyond ww2. At one point they were some of the most advanced tanks in the world but after the war they would be religated to the role of reconnaissance vehicles.   Background In the […]
  • Tanktoon By RanZar 17 november 2018
    Tricks of the Chimera More of the British reward tanks. Enjoy.
  • WoT Reddit Q&A 11/16 16 november 2018
    Good day everyone, New Reddit WG Q&A with Artem Safronov, Andrey Beletsky, Maxim Chuvalov (Executive Publishing Producer, creative director, Publishing Director respectively). Questions and answers are taken straight from the original Reddit thread, wonky formatting included: Is there any truth to the rumors of buffing the German tree?  Will the German lines be getting some […]
  • Tank Chats #59 Sherman Grizzly 16 november 2018
    David Willey, Tank Museum Curator, presents a Tank Chat on the Sherman Grizzly, Enjoy.
  • WoWs:Developer Diaries 0.7.11 15 november 2018
  • Common Test 1.3 Overview 12 november 2018
    As promised, the video overview of the 1.3 test server:
  • 1.3 Common Test 12 november 2018
    Good day everyone, So testing for Update 1.3 is soon upon us, and with it some new content and adjustments, lets see what is known so far: New Customization Options Personal Mission 2.0 Changes Dynamic display for Personal Mission progress in battle Changes for some Personal Mission 1.0 reward tanks (not specified) Changes to Pilsin, […]
  • WoT Current Supertest of Minsk Video 11 november 2018
    We have a free cam video of the supertest From WoT Express YouTube channel.
  • WoWs Rememberence / Veterans Day Patch 11 november 2018
    For the EU region one of the november missions is for a Veterans Day patch. Go HERE and scroll down till you see the Participate button. Once you have entered the button disappears.

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  • Version 1.3 – sell personalization elements 19 november 2018
    In the 1.3 update, the vehicle sales panel has been expanded to include elements such as paints, emblems and camouflage. You will be able to decide if you will sell the items with the vehicle or send them back to the depot.
  • Secret wagon: day 8 mission 19 november 2018
    Secret wagon: day 8. Awards  150 Objectives Win two battles. Only those battles are counted in which you are in the top ten players in your team in terms of the base XP gained. Limitations You must first complete the “Additional help” mission. Available once per account. Only random battles. Only vehicles of IV-X tiers.
  • WoT EU Bonus Code 18 november 2018
    LOVEWORLDOFTANKS – expired Gives this inscription:
  • 1.3 – 🇫🇷 EBR 75 FL 10 spotted in the game files 18 november 2018
    The wheeled vehicles will be assigned to the light tank class, but they will have a fundamentally changed gameplay, as well as completely new movement mechanics.
  • Autumn style 17 november 2018
    Sadly this style has double price 😦
  • LT-432 Quickreview 17 november 2018
  • RNG Unleashed #7 : Good guy Skorpion 17 november 2018
  • RanZar: Tricks of the Chimera 16 november 2018
  • GJ WG – Golden Joystick: We Made It! And You Made It Happen 16 november 2018
    Commanders! Your support brought World of Tanks its fourth Golden Joystick award. We’re truly humbled and extremely grateful for your passion and votes. The game we all love saw a major graphics overhaul this year, welcomed several new tank lines, and treated us all to a new campaign of Personal Battle Missions. Our victory at the […]
  • LT-432, 1, Go! 16 november 2018
    A new light tank is approaching! But just this once, it’s not all about speed. Sure, the LT-432 is a fast Tier VIII, but this Soviet light tank is also resilient! For its class, this little guy is well-protected by a fairly robust hull and turret armour. A decent view range and good rate of fire mean […]